The basic philosophy of Combi Wear Parts is to create value for our customers. This influence everything we do, from how we treat and serve our customers to the ideas and practices that lead to new products, such as tooth systems for excavators and loaders. Our goal is to always be close to our customers, monitor their progress and contribute actively to improve their productivity and profitability.

Combi Wear Parts

Combi Wear Parts was formerly known as Bofors Wear Parts and Componenta Wear Parts. Since the first attempts by some of the most recognized pioneers in the industry to produce innovative solutions, we have had an unbroken tradition of the highest quality and performance that are marketed and sold worldwide.

Our foundry in Ljungby is specialized in production of wear parts. Products from 1 to 500 kg are cast either with shell molding or machine forming. Products of over 100 kg are done by machine forming.

Combi Wear Parts AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Keycast AB, the Nordic region’s largest steel foundry group in Sweden.

Patented wear-part systems

Combi Wear Parts is one of the few companies in the world market developing proprietary patented wear part systems for the construction, mining and dredging industries.

Long experience of wear parts

At Combi Wear Parts we have extensive knowledge and experience of wear parts. The first wear parts similar to the tooth system we market today were developed in the early 1930s. Since then we have focused on refining and adapting our production of wear parts for excavators, loaders and dredgers.

Quality assured wear part system

Our experience combined with our ability to apply new technology means that we have been able to maintain our production facilities in Sweden. We are very proud that we produce world class wear parts systems at our custom built foundry in Ljungby, Sweden. Combi Wear Parts are quality assured to ISO 9001:2008, a guarantee that our products are always of high and consistent quality.

Our tooth systems are available worldwide

With 55 distributors we reach into more than 100 countries. We do this thanks to the great help we receive from a strong and knowledgeable network of local partners. Since we also produce wear parts for dredging vessels, we can say that we are represented in most of the world’s oceans.

Key dates

1983 Bofors Wear Parts was sold to Componenta and the wear parts manufacturer took the new name of Componenta Wear Parts.

2000 The Keycast Group was formed by the merger of Ljungby Steel Foundry, Kohlswa Steel Foundry, Kone in Raahe and Componenta Wear Parts, taking the new name of Combi Wear Parts.

2003 Combi Wear Parts took over the shell foundry in Ljungby and the foundry was restructured with a focus on the production of wear parts.

2006 The shell foundry increased its annual production capacity to 5,000 tons.

2012 Combi Wear Parts CEO Fredrik Ivansson also became president of Keycast. Read more about Keycast at

2013 Combi Wear Parts invest in a new effective production line to meet an increased demand for wear parts from the mining industry.

2016 Combi Wear Parts launches C-REX, a new wear part system for excavators and loaders in the construction business.