Steel has been cast in Sweden for centuries. Generation after generation has improved casting technology, and today steel castings made in Sweden are of the absolute highest class. Because we want steel with the best material properties, it is therefore natural for us to continue to produce and develop our products here in the Nordic region. Our products are cast with the latest and most advanced casting technology for maximum surface quality and optimum tolerances for best possible fit between the tooth and adapter.

Minimal environmental impact

In Sweden, there are strict requirements for the working environment and the external environment, in areas covering noise and emissions. Our manufacturing plant in Ljungby is one of the best foundries in the world in terms of both safety and environmental impact.

Maximum recycling

To protect the environment, we ensure that dust levels in terms of casting, blasting and cleaning are so low that they basically are negligible. Besides using common scrap in our melting furnaces, we also recycle discarded wear parts. We are certified according to SS-EN ISO 14001.