Meet our Sales Director Sacha de Bilderling

Age: 49
Where you live: Norway
Title: Sales Director
Civil status: Married
Your strengths as a person: Organization, loyalty, experience
Unique talents: Perseverance, human relationship


What are your job assignments? Responsible for the Sales and Marketing of Combi Wear Parts

How long have you been working at CWP, and what has your journey looked like? Since the beginning of 2010

· We started to develop the sales of the ProClaws line

· Extended our portfolio of products

· Restructure the sales team

· Consolidated the network in place (keep and boost the best areas, re-organize the others)

· Put more dynamic in the existing network

· Develop the sales network, especially overseas

  • Start selling in Africa
  • Try to develop South America
  • Start selling in Russia, Middle East and far East

· Restructure our internal organization (close German office, close US office)

· Assist the technical team for the development of new products and product lines

· Extended widely the brand awareness

Do you have a special memory from your time at CWP you’d like to share? To travel around the world like I have done so far creates a lot of souvenirs, builds strong relationships with people from all origins, and brings a solid experience for the job. There are so many great stories that I should write a book. To meet the team on a regular base is key. We then share those memories together. They are always new magic moments.

What do you do in your spare time? I am racing in triathlon: train hard, prepare well and race for the medal.

What are you most looking forward to in 2022? To travel again and finally meet all customers I haven’t seen other way than on a screen. Further develop the export market and still consolidate the current network.

What do you believe Combi Wear Parts brings to the client? CWP brings the certainty to get a nice and outstanding product; constantly the same high quality, we care about having a happy network and happy end-users, using the greenest method for sustainability. We are probably the most flexible and easy partner to work with; the most skillful supplier logistically. We are the supplier who cares about its network, who cares to do things the right way.