ProClaws teeth are designed to maintain maximum sharpness for their entire life time.

The system is developed to effectively address the forces that the system is subjected to during operation. For the best possible penetration, the tooth system is designed with a very low profile.

ProClaws teeth can easily be exchanged without having to remove the shrouds first. The mechanical lock is mounted and dismounted from the top side which is a big advantage on a lip assembly with shrouds.

To maintain optimal productivity on the job, the ProClaws system has wear indicators on both teeth and adapters. Once the tooth has been used for an optimum period, the wear indicator shows when it’s time to replace the tooth. The adapters also have wear indicators to prevent breakage.




Boron steel gives great accuracy

The lock is forged in boron and after hardening it becomes very resistant to abrasion. It therefore has a longer life for the benefit of both the economy and the environment. Another plus with boron steel is that it can be used to both cast and forge complex solutions with high accuracy. That is especially important for this type of mechanical lock.

Many advantages

The advantage of the new mechanical lock is that you can easily install and remove it without having to use complicated tools or hammers.

All you need is a socket and a ratchet or a plain shank, which makes it very user-friendly. You place the lock in the locking hole, press it down, and then screw with the aid of a conical screw so that the lock expands and locks the tooth in the holder.

The teeth are secured from the beginning

The lock is tightened to a torque >100 Nm. A good fit between the tooth and adapter prevents play and causes less wear on the adapter nose.

The steel catch secures the lock

A steel catch on one of the locking parts will lock in under the tooth. This secures the lock in position. The only way to dismount the lock is to unscrew the screw.

Rubber cap protects lock

Finally a rubber cap is fitted on the screw head to prevent dirt from entering. This locks the screw in position and protects against wear. The tooth is then firmly secured. For hot applications, such as handling hot slag, there is a custom version without the rubber strip.

Fits all ProClaws teeth

The new mechanical lock can be reused in multiple tooth operations and fits existing ProClaws installations that are already on the market.