Pejo Safety Hooks

Reliable hooks that makes lifting safe

PEJO Safety Hooks offer a safe and controlled way to lift heavy and cumbersome parts. With high quality steel forged into the hook, PEJO Safety Hooks guarantees high strength and long life.

The hook comes in two different models which both are developed to withstand temperatures down to -40° C. This means that it is perfect for the ever-changing weather in Scandinavia but can be used all over the world. PEJO Safety Hooks are one of the world’s most widely used safety hooks.

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Type U – For loader applications

The PEJO safety hook, type U, is recommended for loader applications. Both the C and U locks are equipped with durable, easy to use safety latches which ensure that the lifting device stays in place.

Type C – For excavators

The PEJO safety hook, type C, provides a safe and reliable way of using your excavator bucket for lifting purposes. It is also suitable for use in different industrial manufacturing applications where safety is a prime concern when lifting. It is made of the highest quality forged steel and handles loads up to 18 ton.