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Customized casting

Customized casting

Customized casting for
complex key components

With a one-part cast solution as a key component in complex machine equipment you can gain a lot. Design can be improved and optimized, the strength can be increased by the design possibilities that casting offers. We offer materials that increase the lifetime of a critical part and we can include machining and deliver the component just in time for assembly.

Collaboration for the optimal result

Combi Wear Parts offers support in the early design stage of a new product or when you need help improving an existing product design. We offer, in close collaboration with your engineering department, our know-how when it comes to design, pattern making, casting and machining.

It is our ambition to generate added value to our customers and the best results are achieved once collaborating in an early stage of the product development.

Give us a call if you want to know more about our offer in customized casting.

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