ENDURO – the next generation dredging wear part system


If you like the T-system you’re going to love our new ENDURO system. ENDURO stands for endurance in rock cutting. With ENDURO you get the best innovations from the T-SYSTEM and yet some large improvements.


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More durable and reliable

ENDURO is engineered to be stronger than the T-SYSTEM, stronger adapter and stronger tooth, providing exceptional durability and reliability in demanding conditions.

Less maintenance and more protection

With ENDURO you get features like easily replaceable and harder contact surfaces in the adapters. Improved free cutting due to shortened adapter leg, less wear on contact surfaces leading to reduction in maintenance cost and downtime while maximizing productivity and equipment lifespan.

Sustainability and Efficiency

Designed with lower CO2 footprint and less sensitivity to outside wear, Enduro ensures long-lasting performance, cost-effectiveness, and consistent efficiency in harsh environments.

Enhance your dredging efficiency even more with Duracore®

By incorporating hard metal into the casting, namely Duracore®, you prolong the life time with up to 4-5 times the life time of a standard tooth. It is also proven to be the only alternative to blasting in extremely hard or difficult rock. Duracore® will increase the productivity and extend the time between stops for necessary teeth replacements.