C-REX – the advanced wear part solution for your wheel loader


Elevate your performance to new heights with C-REX – our most advanced wear parts system. Engineered to deliver exceptional performance across a wide range of equipment sizes, from 12-ton to 200-ton machines, C-REX ensures consistent and reliable operation in a variety of applications within the quarry and mining industries.

Experience a paradigm shift in performance, efficiency, and reliability.


C-REX product range

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Versatile compatibility

Regardless of the machine model or brand, C-REX offers universal compatibility. Whether you have a small or large machine, C-REX is designed to accommodate all.

Extended lifespan

C-REX features strategically positioned extra-wear material for maximum longevity, minimizing downtime and prolonging your equipment’s lifespan.


Designed for demanding applications

C-REX emerges as the ultimate answer for diverse applications, including coal, copper, frozen ground, clay, stone, abrasive applications, and those involving hard minerals.

Minimize costs and boost productivity

Explore the exceptional penetration capability of C-REX on your wheel loader, resulting in reduced fuel costs and enhanced productivity. Benefit from quick and effortless tooth replacements that minimize downtime and keep your machine operating for longer hours. C-REX’s robust holders guarantee fewer breakages and reduced maintenance needs, while its long-lasting teeth require fewer replacements, leading to cost savings.

Key signature features

Intuitive locking system
Experience the locking mechanism of C-REX, surpassing other systems in terms of cost-effectiveness and reliability. Our user-friendly design allows for the reuse of locking pins and includes a pre-installed locking ring with each new tooth, ensuring both safety and functionality.

Wear indication feature
Stay ahead of maintenance with C-REX’s innovative wear indication feature, available in a variety of sizes from R50 to R130. Eliminate the guesswork and proactively maintain your equipment’s performance, ensuring maximum productivity throughout.

Why you should choose C-REX teeth for your wheel loader

Effortless and secure tooth replacements
C-REX offers swift, hassle-free tooth changes for rapid and secure replacements.

Streamlined profile
C-REX’s sleek profile allows for effortless material movement in and out of the bucket, reducing stress on your wheel loader.

Unmatched tooth strength
C-REX teeth maintain sharpness throughout their lifespan, ensuring exceptional performance. With a significant percentage of wear material, utilizing up to 74% of the tooth’s original weight, C-REX maximizes longevity and minimizes the need for replacements.

Suitable for all bucket sizes and machine models
Regardless of the machine model or brand, C-REX offers universal compatibility, fitting any bucket with cutting-edge thickness ranging from 20 mm to 140 mm. Whether you have a small or large machine, C-REX is designed to accommodate all, delivering exceptional performance and benefits across your entire fleet.

Crafted in Sweden
C-REX is crafted from high-quality Swedish steel, proudly manufactured in Sweden with a strong emphasis on sustainability, worker well-being, and labor rights. Count on C-REX to ensure your operations run seamlessly, thanks to our exceptional product availability and fast delivery.


Explore the C-REX product range

CAT988 conversion with C-REX®

Learn how we extended the wear life of a CAT 988 by over 64% with our conversion to C-REX®.

Protect your bucket with our ProTect range

Our ProTect range is specifically designed to safeguard your bucket. With lip shrouds, side shrouds, wear caps, heel shrouds, and ProMite wear protection, you can ensure optimal protection and an extended lifespan.

Our mechanical lip- and side-shrouds protects the front of the bucket, while heel shrouds protects the outside bottom corners. The ProMite wear protection, available in different shapes and sizes to fit exposed areas are made out of white iron with a hardness of 700 HB.

Explore our range and preserve the performance and durability of your equipment.

A long lasting partnership

The design of the C-REX makes it suitable for many different areas of work. It will always deliver, no matter what. If you have any further questions you are always welcome to contact us.