C-rex product range for wheel loaders

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Single leg

Top mounted single leg adapter designed for use in general conditions whenever a smooth surface is required.

Top leg

A 1 1/2 top leg adapter. Designed for both general and tough loading in different types of ground conditions.


A 1 1/2 top leg adapter. Designed for both excavators and loaders. Can be used with or without a wear cap.

Wear cap

Mechanical wear cap protects the adapter topside in high abrasion and impact applications.

Abrasion tooth for wheel loaders

Abrasion tooth with high level of penetration. Recommended in blasted rock application.

Heavy Abrasion tooth

Outstanding wear resistance combined with a high level of penetration. This tooth provide extra protection for the lower part of the adapter and is ideal where ground conditions are highly abrasive.

General purpose tooth

In both general and highly abrasive environments. This all-round tooth is popular for its excellent penetration.

Locking tool

Tool for turning the locking ring in locked and unlocked position.

Locking pin

Reusable locking pin of forged steel also usable in hot slag applications.