No, this is not a dream!
Who doesn´t love sausages, right? That was the thought that led to the, in our mind, beautiful creation that is this website. But don´t worry! Your’e not stuck in our sausage fantasy forever. If you´re not a fan of this type of food or wish to return to the page about Combi Wear Parts, press here.

Our vision

Our vision


With focus and dedication Combi Wear Parts delivers innovative and sustainable business solutions that makes a difference for our customers and for the world.

Everything we do proceeds from a close and valuable relationship with both customers and partners. By applying our knowledge and experience to your daily needs and future challenges, we can create the solution that makes your job easier and your business more profitable.

By only using high quality steel grades, optimized for wear parts, in our custom-built foundry in Sweden we want to challenge today’s standards and provide a better, stronger and more long-lasting choice for an ever-changing industry.