T-system – the dredging
wear part system for the most demanding applications


The T-System is a light weight cutting-edge dredging system from Combi Wear Parts, designed specifically for the demanding rock applications in the world of dredging. The T-System has conquered the most demanding applications and created landmarks all over the world for more than 15 years and for long time ahead.


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Lightweight design

With its unique design and coupling geometry, the T-System is 10-15% lighter than other systems. This ensures safer handling on board, reduces transportation costs, and positively impacts the environment. In applications with extensive wear and frequent tooth exchanges, the lighter design enhances the working environment on the cutter head platform, crucial for crew safety and efficiency.

Unique tooth design

The unique tooth design reduces weight without compromising wear life. The T-System offers the same amount of wear material as other, heavier dredging teeth, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice. Additionally, the innovative design extends the lifespan of adapters, reducing overall wear.

Mechanical locking

Our mechanical locking system simplifies and secures tooth replacement compared to other systems. This results in faster replacements, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Less maintenance time means more dredging time. The reusable locking system has significantly reduced downtime and maximized dredger efficiency.

The ultimate combination

Reusable and user-friendly mechanical lock. Safe and quick tooth exchange.

Extended operation time and more teeth per adapter. Easy accessible contact surfaces for maintenance leads to extended adapter life and lower overall maintenance cost.

Lighter teeth without compromising the wear life. Easier to handle and cheaper to transport.

100% recyclable, Combi Wear Parts offers special recycling conditions when returned to foundry.

A seal for quality and a guarantee for a responsible and friendly production way, friendly for both workers and the environment.


Enhance your dredging efficiency even more with Duracore®

By incorporating hard metal into the casting, namely Duracore®, you prolong the life time with up to 4-5 times the life time of a standard tooth. It is also proven to be the only alternative to blasting in extremely hard or difficult rock. Duracore® will increase the productivity and extend the time between stops for necessary teeth replacements.

Proven performance

Egypt (Suez canal)
Projekt: Creating a 35 km new canal, doubling the canal’s capacity.
Material: totally 200 Mm³ of sand, clay and rock dredged
System: The T-System

Panama (Pacific entrance)
Projekt: Infrastructure, extension and deepening of existing canal.
Material: Sedimentary rock, Vulcanic rock. Almost 10 Mm³ dredged of which approximate 2 Mm³ of strong rock.
System: The T-System with Duracore

Qatar (Ras laffan)
Projekt: Expansion of existing LNG harbour.
Material: totally 24 Mm³ dredged amount of rock unknown to us.
System: The T-System

Abu Dhabi (Khalifa port)
Projekt: New port constructed 4,6 km offshore.
Material: totally 46 Mm³ dredged amount of rock unknown to us.
System: The T-System