ProClaws wear part solution for your excavator

Upgrade your performance with ProClaws, the wear parts system designed to excel in demanding work where reliability is crucial. ProClaws delivers exceptional results across a wide range of excavator sizes, from 10 tons to 250 tons machines.

Experience unmatched performance, efficiency, and reliability with ProClaws.


ProClaws product range

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Universal fit

 ProClaws fits all bucket sizes and machine models, ranging from 20 mm to 140 mm.

Maximum Durability

ProClaws employs strategically positioned extra-wear material to deliver exceptional durability.

Conquer any application

Master any application, from coal to hard minerals.

Boost productivity and reduce fuel costs

Supercharge your excavator’s penetrating power with ProClaws, unlocking fuel cost reductions and productivity boosts.

Experience the convenience of swift and effortless tooth replacements, minimizing downtime and maximizing machine uptime. With ProClaws’ robust adapters, expect fewer breakages and reduced maintenance, while the long-lasting teeth save on replacements.

Stay ahead with ProClaws signature features

Intuitive Locking System for Easy Operation
Experience the user-friendly lock mechanism of ProClaws. The mechanical lock expands and creates pretension on the tooth for a tight fit on the adapter nose. That will save the adapter noses and will bring more sets of teeth out of each installation.

Effortless wear monitoring for proactive Maintenance
ProClaws stands as the ideal companion for a wide range of applications in construction work. With a broad portfolio of products including a variety of different tooth options to match the challenges on a construction site, ProClaws will get the job done for you.

Why you should choose ProClaws teeth for your excavator

Effortless and Secure Tooth Replacements
ProClaws offers swift and trouble-free exchanges, ensuring quick and secure hammerless replacements with ease.

Reusable expanding locks for a tighter fit
Enjoy the benefit of less play between tooth and adapter, minimize wear on the adapter nose, and bring out more sets of teeth on each adapter.

Streamlined design for smooth material movement
Experience smooth material flow in your bucket with ProClaws’ sleek design. It reduces strain on your excavator, optimizing efficiency during operations.

Extended durability for maximum equipment lifespan
ProClaws is built to last. Strategically placed extra-wear material maximizes durability, minimizing downtime and extending the lifespan of your equipment.

Seamless operations with intuitive design
Enjoy seamless operations and optimized workflow with ProClaws. Our user-friendly system simplifies tooth replacements, making it effortless for operators.

Universal compatibility for all machine models
No matter your machine brand or model, ProClaws fits all bucket sizes. With cutting-edge thickness ranging from 20 mm to 120 mm, it delivers outstanding performance across your entire fleet.

Made in Sweden with swift delivery
Experience seamless operations with ProClaws’ swift delivery, superior quality Swedish steel, and commitment to sustainable practices. Conquer demanding challenges with confidence, knowing that your wear parts align with your values.


ProClaws product range

Enhance bucket protection with our ProTect series

Elevate your bucket’s defense with our ProTect series, offering unparalleled shield and durability. This comprehensive series includes lip shrouds, side shrouds, heel shrouds, and ProMite wear protection, ensuring an extended lifespan for your equipment.

Mechanical lip and side shrouds effectively safeguard the front of the bucket, while heel shrouds provide added protection for the outer bottom corners. Featuring ProMite wear-resistant technology, crafted from ultra-durable white iron (700hB), you can rely on exceptional resistance against abrasion.

Explore our range and preserve the performance and durability of your equipment.

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