T-CAP – Our new wear part system for soft and mixed soil applications


Unlock efficiency, enhance protection, and elevate performance in abrasive applications with T-CAP. With a design that seamlessly integrate and protect the adapter, T-CAP excel and lower the maintenance cost on adapters.


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Designed for easy handle

Experience quick and safe tooth replacement. T-CAP is using the same mechanical locking function as on the market leading T-System®.

Unique design protect the adapter

T-CAP unique design seamlessly integrates with the adapter. The angle of the adapter nose and the short adapter body makes the system almost free cutting even in soft applications.

A design that protect the adapter

The unique design covers and protect the adapter as the system submerge in soft applications. This design feature creates less maintenance and longer running time. Equals lower costs.

Mechanical looking system

With easy air pressure access T-Cap mechanical locking mechanism ensuring a reliable solution for swift and secure tooth replacements.

Enhance your dredging efficiency even more with Duracore®

By incorporating hard metal into the casting, namely Duracore®, you prolong the life time with up to 4-5 times the life time of a standard tooth. It is also proven to be the only alternative to blasting in extremely hard or difficult rock. Duracore® will increase the productivity and extend the time between stops for necessary teeth replacements.