One small part can make a big difference

Combi Wear Parts develops patented ground engaging tools for the construction, mining and dredging industries. From a custom-built foundry in Sweden, we challenge today’s applications and create unique, complex solutions from optimized steel grades. Our knowledge and experience, combined with a great ability to pair them with new technology, makes us an ideal total solution partner.

Market leading product performance

Since day one, we produce wear parts systems of the highest quality and performance. The fact that our products have longer lifetime than competing products on the market, ensures less production outages and saves you both time and money. We always strive to deliver a stand out and user-friendly product that optimizes productivity.

Complex demands require unique features

All of our wear parts systems are unique in their own way, customized to fulfill your needs on durability and productivity. We understand what matters in your environment and know how the right design and functions saves both time and money. Smart locking functions, self-sharpening teeth and stronger adapters are just some of the features that improves production and lowers costs.

A large network ensures great availability

With more than 55 distributors on a global market we reach into more than 100 countries. Our presence all over the world means that we are always close. For service, support or guidance regarding our product range you are always welcome to get in touch.

Sustainable innovation

Combi Wear Parts focus on sustainability reflects on everything we do. By producing our products in Sweden, we have control over the production process and can ensure that every step follows the strict legislative requirements for both working environment and external environment.

Our manufacturing plant in Ljungby is one of the best foundries in the world, in terms of both safety and environmental impact. Combi Wear Parts is certified according to SS-EN ISO 14001.

With dedication and innovation we develop the sustainable wear part solutions that shape the future.

Our vision