Enhance your dredging efficiency even more with Duracore®


By incorporating hard metal into the casting, namely Duracore®, you prolong the life time with up to 4-5 times the life time of a standard tooth. It is also proven to be the only alternative to blasting in extremely hard or difficult rock. Duracore® will increase the productivity and extend the time between stops for necessary teeth replacements.


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Lightweight design

Duracore are compatible to all our dredging wear parts systems.

Up to five times longer lifespan

Thanks to a rod made of hard metal cast into the tooth, Duracore enhance durability and strength in the most challenging conditions.

Reduces maintenance

Duracore reduces the need for frequent tooth replacements. This results in quicker production and significant cost savings.

Where the Duracore are used in the world

Panama (Pacific entrance)
Material: Sedimentary rock, Vulcanic rock. Almost 10 Mm³ dredged of which approximate 2 Mm³ of strong rock.
Projekt: Infrastructure, extension and deepening of existing canal.
System: The T-System with Duracore

Projekt: Creating a new marine harbor, and construction of three islands.
Material: Sand to extreme hard rock.
System: The T-System with Duracore

USA (Delaware river)
Projekt: Deepening of shipping channel between Philadelphia and the Atlantic Ocean.
Material: About 9 Mm³ dredged, sand to bedrock.
System: The T-System with Duracore.