Meet Niclas, Chief Technical Officer at Combi Wear Parts

For almost 22 years, Niclas has been part of Combi Wear Parts. His role at the company has changed over time, but the strive to always move forward has stayed the same. Today, he runs the development of the company together with its CEO, Fredrik Ivansson. Niclas talks about the development of C-REX, this year’s big fair, and the hopes of expanding to new markets.

In September 1999, Niclas started working as Sales Manager Scandinavia at Combi Wear Parts. Not long after Niclas started, restructuring took place in the company, and Niclas, together with Fredrik Ivansson, was given the task of driving Combi Wear Parts forward. This meant new roles, and today Niclas title is CTO, with responsibilities for the company’s total product portfolio and sales within dredging. This means daily new challenges, whether it be company plans for the future, or keeping up with the market demand and sales development.

– The best thing about my job is the contact with people, getting to work with developing the company, and the variation that comes with it. We are constantly facing new challenges, which are both interesting and exciting. It can involve poking around in details as well as being involved in making strategic and long-term decisions.

C-REX continues to develop

In 2016, Combi Wear Parts launched a new system on the market – C-REX, which replaced the previous Combi parts line. Six years later the C-REX series has gone into mining with systems for excavators up to 350 tons.

– Today, the C-REX system is available for excavators and wheel loaders from 12 to 120 tons and tests are being made on 350 tons class excavators. By the end of this year, we will have a complete range of the C-REX system, covering construction and mining machines up to 350 tons.

Right now, Niclas is waiting to travel south for an on-site inspection of the first installation of C-REX R130.

– It will be very exciting to follow up on the first installation of the C-REX R130 out in the field. These kinds of excavators are available in very few markets, but we see great potential in the global mining markets, after our very successful establishment in Africa. We see potential in more countries where the mining industry is prevalent, and that’s one of the reasons we’re expanding the system to fit a wider range of larger machines – to get a complete range and attract more potential partners who focus on the mining industry.

C-REX has gained a good reputation in the industry, which is largely due to the high-performance level and quality of the products.

– The products work very well and are largely problem free. C-REX is a strong and reliable system, easy to handle, and the products have a long service life and are at the top of what the market offers.

Unique to C-REX is the integrated and mechanical locking mechanism in the tooth, easy to lock and unlock. The locking pin, positioned horizontally Inside the system can be reused over and over again. The lock works very well, is user-friendly, and has not failed at any time. This makes the system reliable, economical, and safe.

– It should always feel secure to use our products both in terms of product performance and materials quality. Thanks to the fact that we control the entire process, from development, design and manufacturing, to quality control, our clients can feel confident that we always deliver the same level of quality.

Finally face to face

At the end of October, Combi Wear Parts will exhibit at Bauma in Munich – one of the world’s largest trade fairs. At Bauma, all the major manufacturers of machines and equipment for the construction and mining industries will participate. In Combi Wear Parts’ stand the C-REX R130, among other new developments, will be taking center stage and be available for viewing.

– Bauma is incredibly important to us as it is very specific and interesting for our partners and customers. All major machine manufacturers and all peripheral components for excavators and loaders are there. During the pandemic, there has not been the opportunity to meet face to face in the same way as before, but now we finally can invite partners and customers to our stand where they can see our products in a public environment. It will be a lot of fun to see familiar faces again, but there can also be many exciting and unexpected meetings with potential partners at this type of exhibition.

Bright future with dredging and mining in sight

Niclas says that the company has a bright future. Eyes set on being the first choice in dredging, Combi Wear Parts will be working hard on establishing a stronger position within mining worldwide.

– Today we have established partners in many countries, but there are also many countries where we are not active yet but where there is great potential for us in the mining sector. But even if we establish ourselves in more countries, it is important to us that those new partners are sharing our values, become well introduced, and are well established in the defined area. It is also important for us to maintain the same high level of service to existing and new partners. Therefore, we prepare to grow at a pace where we can keep high service and good relationships with existing partners and establish the same type of relationship with new partners.


Niclas Wechselberger, CTO Combi Wear Parts