C-REX tooth.

Revolutionizing mining equipment: discover C-REX mining solutions

We’re happy to Introduce the C-REX mining series! Our C-REX system has become more powerful than ever before. The most advanced wear part system is now available for mining machines from 200 to 360 tons. It’s meticulously engineered for the demanding needs of the mining industry and is the supreme equipment for your excavators and wheel loaders.

Unparalleled durability, low maintenance, and smooth operations

With C-REX mining solutions, you get unparalleled durability and low maintenance performance. It is designed and engineered to withstand the most challenging mining applications.

This series is exclusively tailored for 200 to 360-ton machines and combines its durability with a strong and reliable adapter. Despite their size, C-REX teeth are easy to replace and maintain, ensuring seamless operations even in the harshest mining conditions.

Safe, functional, and productive

C-REX boasts several proven features, including rapid and secure tooth replacements thanks to its unique locking system. C-REX is equipped with an innovative wear indicator that offers proactive maintenance by notifying you precisely when a tooth replacement is required.

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