C-REX tooth.

Unlock the potential for your 200-360 tons mining machines with C-REX

C-REX wear part solutions for mining are now available on the market! With enhanced strength and power, C-rex set new benchmarks as the supreme solution for mining equipment ranging from 200 tons to 360 tons. Building upon the success of its predecessor, C-REX is now bigger and better than ever, offering enhanced features and improved functionality that will save costs in your mining operations.

Essential features

User-friendly locking system with reusable pins and pre-installed locking rings in every tooth

Our Unique locking system ensures safety and functionality during operation and tooth replacements.

Innovative wear indicator for proactive maintenance

The wear indicator informs when tooth replacement is needed, enabling proactive maintenance, and maximizing productivity.

Exceptional utilization of tooth material

The teeth maintain sharpness throughout their lifespan, maximizing durability with over 70% of their original weight in wear material.

Universal compatibility for all machine models

No matter your machine brand or model, C-REX fits all bucket sizes. With cutting-edge thickness ranging from 100 mm to 140 mm, it delivers outstanding performance across your entire fleet.

Swift delivery to keep your operations running

Rest assured with C-REX excellent availability and swift delivery. Keep your operations uninterrupted and efficient.

Superior quality Swedish steel for unmatched reliability

Crafted from top-quality Swedish steel, C-REX guarantees superior reliability and strength. Conquer demanding challenges with confidence.

Ethically made in Sweden for sustainable practices

Choose C-REX for wear parts that align with your values. Our products are proudly manufactured in Sweden, adhering to clean energy practices, worker safety, and rights. Trust in high-performing wear parts that prioritize sustainability.

Boost your 200-360 tons machines and unlock the potential of C-REX – your gateway to unmatched mining equipment performance.

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