C-REX offers universal compatibility, fitting all machine models and bucket sizes. Experience top performance, efficiency, and reliability across your entire fleet, whether in the quarry or mining industry.

Superior Durability

With strategically placed wear material, C-REX minimizes downtime and extends equipment lifespan. Our design ensures maximum durability and reduced replacement frequency.

Engineered for Demanding Applications

Ideal for applications involving coal, copper, frozen ground, clay, stone, and hard minerals, C-REX stands as the ultimate solution for challenging environments.

Key Features

Intuitive Locking System: Our cost-effective, user-friendly design includes a reusable locking pin and a pre-installed locking ring for secure and easy tooth replacements.

Wear Indication: Monitor wear levels easily with sizes ranging from R50 to R130, ensuring proactive maintenance and maximum productivity.

Sleek Profile: C-REX’s slim profile reduces stress on your machine and enhances material movement in and out of the bucket.

Made in Sweden: Support ethical practices with our wear parts made from high-quality Swedish steel, ensuring excellent availability and prompt delivery.


Effortless Tooth Replacements: Enjoy quick, hammerless changes for rapid and secure replacements.

High Tooth Utilization: Achieve up to 74% utilization of the tooth’s original weight, maximizing longevity and minimizing downtime.

Low Profile for Better Penetration: Reduces fuel consumption and stress on your machine.

Extended Lifespan and Lower Costs: Self-sharpening teeth with a large amount of wear material lead to longer operation times and lower production costs.

Reliable Locking Pin: Reusable and strong, reducing lock costs and ensuring a secure fit.

Choose C-REX for:


Effortless and Secure Tooth Replacements

Universal Compatibility

Exceptional Durability

Ethically Made Swedish Steel

Prolonged Equipment Life and Reduced Maintenance Costs

Elevate your operations with C-REX – the most advanced wear parts system designed for peak performance and reliability.