We recently received feedback from a conversion project involving a CAT988 bucket. This project exemplifies the impact of using Combi Wear Parts products. Read the full story for details and results!

  • Original Setup

    7 x CAT Advansys™ 130 HD (tooth weight 25,8 kg) + bolt-on shrouds

  • New Setup

    9 x R35AL (tooth weight 27,8 kg) + ProTect Mechanical lip shrouds

Feedback and results

The three most noteworthy results:

Improved Penetration:

Operators immediately noticed significantly better penetration with our products.

Extended Wear Life:

The average wear life increased from 140 hours with CAT Advansys to 230 hours with our R35 setup.

Reduced Fuel Consumption:

The end user reported a fuel consumption reduction of 4 liters per hour.

These figures exclude the emissions generated during transport to the final destination.

Success paves way for upgrade of remaining fleet

We look forward to converting the remaining three CAT988 machines in the end users’ fleet!