Through the rivers of Sweden, the great mind of Nobel, and the industrial revolution, innovation has always been part of our journey. A journey that has resulted in groundbreaking wear part solutions such as ProClaws, the mechanical lock, and C-REX.

From our first patented tooth system in the 1960s, B-LOCK, innovation has defined us. We have since then maintained an unbroken tradition of quality and performance, marketed and sold worldwide.

To lead the way

Our experience, combined with our ability to apply new technology, has allowed us to create value for our customers. This influences everything we do, from how we treat and serve our customers to the ideas and practices that lead to new products. The journey doesn’t end here. We will always strive to shape the future with innovative wear part systems. To lead the way.

This is why we call ourselves the original.

A Part of Swedish Tradition

Great craftsmanship is as much a part of Swedish history as it is of ours. Since the 1930s, we have produced innovative wear parts that optimize production. Our legacy is deeply intertwined with a long-standing tradition of quality and innovation, making us a trusted partner in a changing world.

Seeing the Next Level

We strive to be at the forefront of the ever-evolving industry. From day one, we have continuously aimed to develop and refine our wear parts to take them to the next level. Since 2003, our Ljungby foundry has combined excellent facilities, a drive for evolution, and extensive experience to benefit our global customers.

Quality from Sweden to the World

Produced in our Ljungby foundry, our products reach the world through a strong network. We value this close relationships with our dealers, offering not just products, but reliable partnerships.

Short on time? Here are the key points:

– Innovation since the 1960s with products like ProClaws and C-REX.
– Deep-rooted Swedish craftsmanship since the 1930s, emphasizing quality.
– Leading in wear part development since 2003 from the Ljungby foundry.
– Continuous refinement and global customer benefits.
– Advanced technology meets Swedish tradition.
– Commitment to customer needs and innovative solutions.