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Penetration tooth

Penetration tooth

Penetration tooth

Penetration tooth with added body mass and narrow tip combines penetration with impact and abrasion resistance.

ProClaws Excavator tooth PE Duo View_72
Type Weight(kg) Lip thickness(mm) A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) F(mm) G(°)
PE (W20) 720120 Face shovel Excavator 23,1 404 189 25 87 169
PE (W25) 725120 Face shovel Excavator 31,5 445 213 28 99 192
PE (W30) 730120 Face shovel Excavator 44,5 481 236 30 115 215
PE (W40) 740120 Face shovel Excavator 59,5 534 262 33 129 238


Best possible wear protection with sharpness

The wear indicators on the ProClaws teeth and adapters ensure optimal performance at all times and signals when the part is due for change. Do you want more information? Feel free to get in touch.

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